Complete Range of Handmade Paper Products


We offer the complete range of handmade paper products, which are the perfect blend of traditional paper art and contemporary designs. High in utility, these products include high end products like paper bags, notebooks & journals, wedding cards, photo albums, desktop accessories and more.


Wholesale Suppliers of Handmade Paper Product

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At under the sun store, we are the wholesale suppliers of handmade paper product. Here you can find detailed Catalogs of Handmade Paper Products, with complete information about company profile, Services and contact details. You can also view various business and product categories related to Handmade Paper Products.

Handmade Paper is traditionally made using various vegetable fibers or cotton rags another method is to use recycled paper. These fibers are obtained from variety of plant species. Each fiber has its own physical properties and lends a peculiar characteristic to the paper. Handmade paper can be classified primarily by the sheet making process.

Making paper by hand is a standard workmanship which has been gone down through the times by gifted laborers. Notwithstanding the way that these are in the blink of an eye skirting on ended, the standard technique for high quality papermaking is still found in diverse parts.

The hardware used to change the crude materials into paper has been enhanced by present day innovation however the procedure and standards remain essentially unaltered. The potential outcomes for what can be refined with Handmade Paper. In the same way as other artworks, which have delighted in a recovery, present day papermaking does not so much end with the creation of a utilitarian thing. Handmade paper making is an enthusiastic innovative outlet and paper mash has turned out to be a vehicle, as well as an aesthetic medium in itself. Only one of the lovely parts of high quality paper is that no tree should be gathered to make it.

High quality paper is a shocking case of reusing at work. It was, truth be told, worry about the vanishing of timberlands, combined with reestablished enthusiasm for the nature of papers that produced new investigation of the paper creator’s materials, particularly the pulps and filaments. The crude materials utilized as a part of high quality papers range from all way of vegetable matter.

Any crude material can be utilized the length of it has filaments equipped for framing a consistent sheet. Additionally essential is fitting acidic/antacid offset, which will guarantee that the paper is archival and will last for all intents and purposes until the end of time.

Papers are made in view of details characterized by the frivolity, fixing, thickness, shading and size over a base assembling request. Papers are changed over into wonderful items, which can be utilized as one of a kind blessing alternatives, home enhancements, office extras and other utility items. Handmade Decorative Paper has the advantage of being 100% wood free which makes it the most eco-friendly form of paper around.

It is also 100% recycled. Handmade paper is excellent for writing as well as printing. Handmade paper is a solution to solve all our environment related problems its paper that doesn’t utilize wood for its manufacture is free from all chemicals, and is dried using the most eco-friendly means of energy solar energy The pulp used to create handmade paper is made from cotton fabric rags the creation of the paper involves recycling of cloth and apart from this the paper itself is recyclable. For more information visit the site .

Eco-Friendly Decorative Paper and Products


Handmade and decorative papers are beautiful and versatile, perfect for fine art and crafts ranging from card making. Here at Under the Sun we have a varied selection of fine decorative and handmade paper from sources spanning the g

lobe. From eco-friendly Decorative Paper to imported Shell Paper that glimmers and gleams, we’ve got the perfect unique paper for all your drawings, prints, and paper crafts right here, all at Under The Sun’s low discount pricing.


Decorative papers are most commonly used in bookbinding, collage, framing, invitations, and have a multitude paper arts uses. In addition to our decorative papers, we also offer a wide variety of artist papers which are used for drawing, painting, printmaking, and other related uses. Our customers’ complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance, providing exceptional customer service is paramount. We take pride in delivering both.

our wide assortment of handmade paper boxes that can be use for daily storage purposes ant their attractive designs can also be used for gifting in a new and innovative way. Our amazing range of boxes is available in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns etc. Offers handmade paper boxes, handmade paper box manufacturers, colored paper boxes suppliers, designer paper boxes, decorative paper boxes exporters, wholesale paper boxes.

If you are interested in collecting Handmade Papers, we have a wonderful collection of decorative papers. Our offered decorative papers are considered ideal for personal use and several other gifting purposes. These Handmade decorative papers are made by experienced craftsmen. You can check out for our huge assortment of print designs with plenty of paper handicraft collection.

Our fine selection of decorative paper can be availed in various sizes that are printed superbly on high quality paper sheets. Provided range of decorative papers is inspired by the traditional art and crafts. We can also provide decorative papers with modern and inventive designs. Apart from using as a wrapper for various boxes and gift items, these decorative papers can also be utilized for different creative and artistic purposes. Furthermore, these decorative papers can be made available in customized forms to suit your requirements.

Our handmade paper is totally environment neighborly. We offer 100% eco-accommodating, wood free and corrosive free paper. Our handmade paper is made out of 100% cotton, silk and agro waste without decimating trees in our regular backwoods holds. Under The Sun, handcrafted paper is eco-accommodating high quality paper, where NO wood or wood subordinates are utilized, spoken to by the woman with earthen pot. We additionally convey high quality specialty paper boxes for school youngsters and A4 or letter size stationery carefully assembled paper perfect with computer printers.

We appropriate and offer the finest high quality paper accessible in the business sector. Due to its colorful and immaculate look high quality paper discovers applications in wedding welcomes, sacks, stationery and craftsmanship/creates applications in schools and industry. Under The Sun can likewise help you in your visual communication and print requirements for your applications utilizing our product offering. For more information visit the site .

Decorative Paper in Multiple Designs


Under the sun store has been able to manufacture and supply a broad range of Decorative Paper. The provided paper is designed using premium quality raw material and latest technology by our experts. Offered Decorative paper enhances the appearance of the places like offices, homes and other buildings. It helps to improve the theme of the room and makes its look appear different. Furthermore, this Decorative Paper is made available at nominal price. It has brought an unmatched range of marble papers that are sure to leave everyone amazed with their impulsive patterns of multiple exquisite colors. These are developed from eco friendly materials, these papers are fully biodegradable. We offer these marbleized papers in myriad of colors, designs and sizes to meet with your requirements.

We are one of the earliest specialized decorative paper manufacturers. Our Company holds expertise in meeting the demands of exclusively designed and designer Decorative Paper products. These papers are available in a wide range of finishes in terms of colors, shapes, embellishments. We can deliver these in specifications as demanded by the clients. Further, the use of paper products also shows one’s commitment towards the environment.

Our decorative papers can be availed by clients in variety of shades, texture, sizes and patterns as per the requirement of the clients. Our products are known for good formation, smoothness and dimensional stability and enable our clients in achieving optimal print-ability. It is also used for several crafting projects.

Decorative Papers are used in banners, signage, & labels and are known for fade resistance & strong base paper. Our team of skilled professionals works in close coordination to meet the bulk requirements of our patrons. We also provide modified solutions to our clients and offer the range at affordable prices. Our company provides high quality custom printed materials to the housing and furniture industries all over the world. Our mission is to deliver high quality products of superior design to satisfy customers.

Our product is useful in low pressure laminate sheets, high pressure laminates sheets, continuous pressure laminate, flooring laminates, post forming laminates, compact laminates, cold press laminates, roller press laminates, laminate panels, and door fronts laminates & all furniture surface treatment and finishing products.

The broad range of products is well backed by immense production quality and proficient management, which facilitate under the sun store to work with all the main companies of its industrial sector. With the code of ‘honesty-based, faith in each other, mutual benefit and common development’, we could also create products according to customers’ requirements.

Under the sun store is a reputed name in the Decor paper industry. Our broad range of Decor paper products has consistently benchmarked quality and advance standards in the industry. The broad range of products is well backed by immense production quality and proficient management, which facilitate under the sun store to work with all the main companies of its industrial sector. With the code of ‘honesty-based, faith in each other, mutual benefit and common development’, we could also create products according to customers’ requirements. For more information visit the site .