Your one stop shop for the finest in recycled handmade and decorative papers on the web.

unsun1200x140 is proud to offer you one of the largest varieties and highest quality decorative papers. Our products range include

Handmade Papers: We carry handmade papers in different colors, textures and thickness both text weight (70-100 gsm) and card weight papers (180-250 gsm)


The different varieties of handmade papers include silk papers (with silk inclusions), leather paper (leather like look), moon rock paper, natural art papers, matt finish papers, floral papers (with flower petals).

Under The Sun Decorative papers are created exclusively for our store, unique, exotic and competitively priced. These papers find various areas of application like wedding invitations, programs, arts, crafts, stationery, envelope and cards, schools, gift items and gift wrapping and many more.


We are also one of the only handmade and decorative paper suppliers online with a large selection of handmade printable and decorative papers.

Our latest offerings include special event cards like holiday cards, save the date cards, thank you cards and baby announcement cards, scroll invitations and gift items like beer coaster sets, wine bags and many more.

We are always happy to cater to our customers’ needs and provide custom wholesale and retail orders as required so please contact us if you need any further information regarding our handmade decorative papers or products and we will be happy to assist you.

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On the web at

By phone: 585-861-1312

About us

As a company, Under The Sun deals in a vast range of traditional products and services from all over the world. Our specialty is handmade decorative paper and products. We distribute and sell the finest handmade paper available in the market. Because of its exotic and unique look handmade paper finds applications in wedding invitations, wedding programs, events, stationery, art, craft applications, schools and gift items. Under The Sun Store can also assist you in your graphic design and print needs for your applications using our product line.


Our handmade paper is completely environment friendly. We offer 100% eco-friendly, recycled, wood and acid free paper. Handmade paper is made out of 100% cotton, silk and agro waste without destroying trees in our natural forest reserves.


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