Wide Range of Handmade Paper Products


We work with you to find your occasion’s exceptional identity to make the ideal inventive representation of your lovely festival. Under the sun store is glad to offer incredible earth benevolent hand tailored items. Our seed papers rouse development of a ‘reuse and reestablish’ outlook. Planting our papers really create oxygen rather than waste. We are additionally pleased with our endeavors to be a low effect business, to urge our clients to utilize less paper, to deliver paper with reused/recouped water and to utilize each functional measure conceivable to guarantee an ecologically capable working environment.

Under The Sun is a presumed name in the carefully assembled paper industry. Our extensive variety of high quality paper items has reliably benchmarked quality and development norms in the business. With our generation fabulousness and item development, we have earned a steadfast and fulfilled customer as far and wide as possible. Our items are not just at the forefront of development; they are additionally perfect cases of extraordinary plans that express imagination with energy and style.Beautifully designed Handmade Paper Sheets are offered to our prestigious clients.

Our products are available in various thicknesses and available in both customized and standard sizes. The paper we offer is available in pattern thus able to grab the attention of the clients. These products are suitable to fulfill packaging needs along with this they are used to prepare wedding cards, best wishes Cards and various others. Handmade Paper represents not only an environmentally conscious approach to making paper, but it also exudes a unique aesthetic appeal that provides unique areas for creative expression. Unlike standard paper, handcrafted paper is wood-free & bio-degradable & therefore does not contaminate the environment.

As a company, Under the Sun deals in a huge selection of traditional items and services from all over the world. Our specialized is hand crafted document and document items. We spread and sell the finest hand crafted document available in the market. Because of its exotic and pure look hand crafted document discovers programs in wedding invites, bags, invites and art/craft programs in schools and industry. Under The Sun can also assist you in your graphics and print needs for your programs using our production.

Our hand crafted document is completely eco-friendly. We offer 100% eco-friendly, wood 100 % free and acid 100 % free document. Handmade document is made out of 100% cotton, silk and agro waste without ruining plants in our natural woodlands supplies. We have the capability to provide customers with paper products that can be custom manufactured as per the exact requirements of our clients. Our expertise has been refined over the years by meeting the toughest manufacturing challenges of our clients.


We are committed to providing our customers with products that are not only superior in quality, but are also made available to them in quick time. By streamlining our operations & cutting production costs, we are able to provide customers with our high quality products at competitive prices. For more information visit the site http://www.underthesunstore.com/.


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