Exclusive Range of Handmade Papers

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We offer a large variety of handmade decorative and art papers on our site like silk papers, floral paper, leather papers, printable papers, parchment paper, and textured papers, natural and non-woven recycled papers. In addition to the wide variety of handmade decorative and art papers we also provide handmade paper cards, journals, notebooks, wedding invitations, wine bags, gift bags, boxes, scrolls and exquisite jewelry, gemstones and beads. Our competitively priced handmade and decorative papers and products are designed and created exclusively for our store. If you are looking for custom paper or product in a large wholesale quantity please contact us with your specific request. Our specialty paper selection will inspire your collage and book arts projects and work great for custom invitations, home décor, wrapping paper, and your creative imagination. There is no minimum order. We understand you may only require a few creative papers at a time and want you to order just the paper art supplies you actually need.

Under The Sun has successfully striven to change the traditional definition of Paper. Credited with revolutionizing the world of paper, the company is engaged in the manufacture and export of an exquisite range of Eco-Friendly and Innovative Handmade Paper and Handmade Paper Products. We use high quality Handmade Paper made by us to manufacture a host of utility Products.

All the products made by us, be it the Handmade Paper or Products made using them, stand apart in terms of Quality and Finish. Being aware of the high standards in the International Markets, we always endeavor to offer our customers exceptional products at competitive prices and are reputed for meeting our delivery schedules.


Our exclusive range of Handmade Papers incorporates Silk Paper, Flower Petals Paper, Batik paper, Leaf Impression Paper, Embossed Paper, Weaved Papers, Leather Textured Paper, et cetera to name a couple. We moreover have some ability in making changed arrangements on papers, to enjoy the moved needs of our regarded clients. Our Paper Products consolidate favoring boxes, diamonds boxes, diaries, photo edges, pen stands, paper shopping sacks, letter heads, business cards, office stationery, record books and journals, drawing portfolios, gifts et cetera. These are totally customary and eco-obliging, our high quality paper & things can be modified the extent that shade, quality, size and printing.

The process of making paper by hand is basically the same today as many hundreds of years ago by which a wet layer of pulp is formed on a mould. The excess water is pressed out and the damp sheets are air dried. When it comes to environmentally-friendly, handmade papers lead the pack. All our handmade papers are tree and chemical-free with every aspect of the paper-making process being done by hand. Compared to a conventional paper mill, the handmade paper manufacturing process uses much less energy per ton of the paper produced, thus significantly contributing much less towards pollution and global warming. In many cases, handmade papermaking uses solar energy for drying. Buy from our wide range of Handmade Papers include a wide variety of Art papers, banana papers, crinkle papers, textured papers, moon rock papers, silk papers, floral papers, flower petals paper, embroidery paper, stitched paper, embossed papers, printed papers, batik papers and gift wrapping papers and gift wrapping rolls etc. For more information visit the site http://www.underthesunstore.com/ .


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