Handmade Paper Favor & Gift Box


Glue papers are smooth mulberry papers that are changed by applying uncommon recipes of regular natural cements blended with color, by hand. These papers are an extraordinary creation by Under the Sun Store. Utilizing this strategy, the finished papers have a practically insightful appearance that is truly not quite the same as other painted papers. Useful for screens, lampshades, divider blankets, artworks and wrapping.

Our carefully assembled paper is made by customary strategies utilizing a teak wood mold/deckle. High quality papers take the measure of the mold and have four deckled edges. Our supplier is a carefully assembled paper item helpful which has practical experience in delivering high quality paper and paper items. Carefully assembled paper industry fabricates paper, for example, drawing paper for craftsmen, perpetual report paper, dim colored card sheets, deckle edged stationery, select welcome, mixed bags of extravagant beautiful wraps, novel convey sacks, water imprint paper testaments, channel papers and cushions. Protection paper other than other social evaluations like spreads, copying paper and tissue paper.


These products have good demand in the domestic market and find usage in the stationery, greeting card, packaging industry and have tremendous unexplored potential in export markets. We are offering to our valued customers a wide range of Handmade Paper Products. Which are used to enhance the beauty of any gift or item manufactured for gift someone nearest and dearest. This exclusive range of paper adds beauty to a gift and holds the viewer’s eye and gets him back for the second look.

It also offers Handmade Paper Favor & Gift Box, handmade paper box manufacturers, colored paper boxes suppliers, designer paper boxes; decorative paper boxes exporters, wholesale paper boxes, handmade paper gift box supplier, and paper crafts manufacturers. These spacious boxes are available in intricate designs and patterns that make them extremely captivating. Available at affordable prices, these boxes are also customized as per client’s requirement.


We offer handmade colored paper products, paper suppliers, decorative handmade paper suppliers, wholesale exporter. We have a wide range of stationary items which are made from recycled handmade paper. These items are very decorative and look beautiful in different- different colors. These products are very eco friendly and attractive. We export our paper products in all over India and we are the best who manufacture all types of paper products in many different varieties.

Under The Sun is an established leader in flower embellishments in the scrapbooking and crafting industries. Our flowers are hand-made by skilled artisans, never by machine, to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship available. Our sophisticated and trend-setting crystal swirls designs in rhinestones and pearls are as breathtaking as our flowers. Our romantic scrapbook papers and embellishments are full of gorgeous, eye-catching colors and textures. We hope our products spark your imagination as you use them in your scrapbooking, card, home décor or mixed media projects. We distribute and sell the finest handmade paper available in the market. Because of its exotic and pure look handmade paper finds applications in wedding invitations, bags, stationery and art/craft applications in schools and industry. Under The Sun can also assist you in your graphic design and print needs for your applications using our product line. For more information visit the site http://www.underthesunstore.com/ .


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