Wonderful Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

At under the Sun deals, our many invitation designs are custom tailored by paper style, font, layout and size. Each component of every invitation can be ordered individually or as a group. If you like the idea of saving money but just don’t have the time, we will gladly send you a complete invitation package that includes; invitation, reply card, reception card, direction card and envelope ready to be stuffed and addressed at home. If you want to add matching thank you notes, programs and place cards, we have you covered.

Contemporary handmade paper wedding invitations allow for many options. Today’s couples who choose to include directions with their invitation often combine a map, written directions and accommodation information all on one card. Etiquette directs you to make the invitation very simple which we encourage. This will save paper, reduce waste and cut down on costs! You will need a response card if you are having a catered event. Your caterer will need to have a final guest count within two weeks of your event. You can save trees/waste/money if you use the more casual postcard style response.

Our skilful wedding invitation designers work with you to incorporate your wedding invitation wording and wedding invitation font into the wedding invitation design of your choice. Once you are happy with the Design of the Wedding Invitation, our designers will print and assemble your wedding invitations and send them to you ready to send to your guest.

All you have to do is position your marriage invites inside the resolved marriage invites package provided, position a seal on your marriage invites and send them out to your visitors. Getting your marriage invites completely created by us is a great option for those who would like the satisfaction that putting together marriage invites is one factor they will never have to fear about finishing in the extremely active lead up to their marriage. When you get your marriage invites completely created by us, you be confident that this aspect of your marriage preparation will be one factor that you don’t have to fear about.

Our wonderful team of Marriage Invites Designers has been particularly busy over the winter creating some truly amazing wedding invitation designs. This new variety of invites shows periodic styles for wedding invitation colors. To help you to surf our large variety of invites we have created a new wedding invitation groups for ease of use when searching for your perfect wedding invitation design, in particular.

Our range of classic wedding invitations features deckled edged papers and envelopes in classic wedding invitation colors of white and cream prevail ant in these classic wedding invitations. These classic wedding invitations are printed on high textured wedding invitation paper featuring deckled edges and patterns.

Our large number of our wedding invitations is made from recycled paper, but we thought we’d create a category in itself, featuring some of our favorite Eco friendly recycled wedding invitations. The best part is that style and design have not been sacrificed in our range of recycled wedding invitations you won’t believe how good our designer recycled wedding invitation paper looks. For more information visit the site http://underthesunstore.com/ .unsun1200x140


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