Custom Colored Scroll Wedding Invitation Rods

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Making your own wedding invitations can be a lot of fun, and it usually saves a lot of money. The following project shows how to make your own scroll invitations with wax seals. With your own ideas and embellishments your scrolls can be as simple or as elegant as you wish. These designs can also be used to make scroll wedding programs, treasure maps for birthday parties, or props in a play.

Have you always enjoyed the scenes in those classic movies about kings and queens when the courtier inscrolls an official announcement and announces impressive something to the court?

Why not amaze your guests by making your own wedding invitation scrolls to unfurl from our golden scroll rods?

Scroll rods available in various metallic finishes. Black metallic scroll rods available in a large range of sizes. Silver scroll rods in a beautiful metallic finish ideal for scroll invites. Black metallic scroll rods made from aluminum plastic scroll rods available in a wide variety of sizes and color options. We manufacture a wide range of scroll rods in various metallic finishes. Silver scroll rods made with a metallic finish, made from aluminum. Metallic scroll rods made from aluminum and available in a large variety of finishes and color ways.

Natural wooden finish scroll rods, available in various sizes and finishes whether you need metallic or plain or polished. Copper polished scroll rods available with engraving and in options of various colors, can be made as per your size specifications. Good quality wooden scroll rods with high quality polish, these rods go well with our high quality scroll invites. Plastic scroll rods available in a wide variety of colors, and in metallic finishes along with matching tassels, we also manufacture wooden scroll rods are also available in 2 color finishes, where in the rod is one color and the knob the other. These rods can be made in any color that you need.

We manufacture a large range of wooden scroll rods with brass inlay and detachable knobs, these scroll rods are available in a wide variety of finishes, textures, colors etc and can be customized as per your specification of size, design detour range of wooden scroll rods are available in white colors or natural wood colors with polish or without polish, these rods can also be colored in any color that you need. The size, thickness can be varied as per your requirements. We manufacture a large range wooden scroll rods that are available in custom sizes and finishes as per your requirements, these scroll rods are used worldwide by wedding invitation.

Brass scroll rods will add value and richness to your wedding invites and are slightly expensive when compared to wooden and plastic rods. We can also provide wooden scroll rods in varying metallic color finishes. Wooden rods are available in natural and polished finishes.

Our gold polish scroll rods in plastic are very popular. We also manufacture scroll rods in baby and mini sizes we can provide you with scroll rods in any color of your choice. We also try and understand your requirement, our client service team helps you get packaging that actually meets your needs, we just do not make scroll rods, and we try and understand what exactly you need. For more information visit the site .


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