Handmade Paper and Products for All Occasion


Under the sun store is born to change the traditional definition of Paper. A vast and variety array of handmade paper, handmade paper products and handmade paper crafts naturally trigger your attention. Various sorts of papers that are aesthetically created are available in alluring color combinations. Underthesunstore.com is committed to provide the quality products as per the world standards while prices will be kept competitive through the use of appropriate technology, modern management and quality process. The company will also serve as the export channel for the skilled home-bound and small producers to elevate their income and living condition.

We have a wide range of stationary items which are made from recycled handmade paper. These items are very decorative and look beautiful in different- different colors. These products are very eco friendly and attractive. We export our paper products in all over India and we are the best who manufacture all types of paper products in many different varieties. Under the sun store papers is either handmade or has a quality that gives them an earthy or natural look and feel. They come from all over the world and vary widely in colors, textures, and uses.

Due to the fragile nature of paper, we do not accept returns on our papers. However, if you feel that a paper was misrepresented on our website, you may return it for a full refund. We attempt to show our papers as close to the actual colors and textures you receive. Please note, however, this may vary slightly from one lot to the next. Colors may also appear slightly different on your screen.

Text Weight is a general term we use to describe the weight or thickness of our papers. It refers to the paper being slightly heavier than Tissue Weight, but not as heavy as Cover Weight. In most cases we will roll our papers when shipping. We have found that our papers arrive damaged less often when shipped rolled because they are more compact. Most of the rolled sheets will easily flatten upon being unwrapped or require little time to become flat on their own. If you must have your papers shipped flat, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Occasionally, we may need to cut some of our papers in half for shipping purposes. Handmade or decorative paper might be just what you’re after! Often eco-friendly and always beautiful, decorative and handmade papers are perfect for myriads of artistic applications. Use these unique papers as substrates for drawing and painting, for scrapbooking, bookbinding, collage, multimedia and more it delicate rice paper embedded with shimmering seashells, all your handmade and decorative paper choices are beautiful, colorful, and sure to impress. Our competitively priced handmade and decorative papers and products are designed and created exclusively for our store. If you are looking for custom paper or product in a large wholesale quantity please contact us with your specific request. Thank you for visiting our website, where you can buy handmade, decorative and recycled papers and stationery. For more information visit the site http://underthesunstore.com/ .


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