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Under the sun store is born to change the traditional definition of Paper. A vast and variety array of handmade paper, handmade paper products and handmade paper crafts naturally trigger your attention. Various sorts of papers that are aesthetically created are available in alluring color combinations. Underthesunstore.com is committed to provide the quality products as per the world standards while prices will be kept competitive through the use of appropriate technology, modern management and quality process. The company will also serve as the export channel for the skilled home-bound and small producers to elevate their income and living condition.

We have a wide range of stationary items which are made from recycled handmade paper. These items are very decorative and look beautiful in different- different colors. These products are very eco friendly and attractive. We export our paper products in all over India and we are the best who manufacture all types of paper products in many different varieties. Under the sun store papers is either handmade or has a quality that gives them an earthy or natural look and feel. They come from all over the world and vary widely in colors, textures, and uses.

Due to the fragile nature of paper, we do not accept returns on our papers. However, if you feel that a paper was misrepresented on our website, you may return it for a full refund. We attempt to show our papers as close to the actual colors and textures you receive. Please note, however, this may vary slightly from one lot to the next. Colors may also appear slightly different on your screen.

Text Weight is a general term we use to describe the weight or thickness of our papers. It refers to the paper being slightly heavier than Tissue Weight, but not as heavy as Cover Weight. In most cases we will roll our papers when shipping. We have found that our papers arrive damaged less often when shipped rolled because they are more compact. Most of the rolled sheets will easily flatten upon being unwrapped or require little time to become flat on their own. If you must have your papers shipped flat, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Occasionally, we may need to cut some of our papers in half for shipping purposes. Handmade or decorative paper might be just what you’re after! Often eco-friendly and always beautiful, decorative and handmade papers are perfect for myriads of artistic applications. Use these unique papers as substrates for drawing and painting, for scrapbooking, bookbinding, collage, multimedia and more it delicate rice paper embedded with shimmering seashells, all your handmade and decorative paper choices are beautiful, colorful, and sure to impress. Our competitively priced handmade and decorative papers and products are designed and created exclusively for our store. If you are looking for custom paper or product in a large wholesale quantity please contact us with your specific request. Thank you for visiting our website, where you can buy handmade, decorative and recycled papers and stationery. For more information visit the site http://underthesunstore.com/ .


Exquisite Handmade Papers


A Premier manufacturer, exporter and supplier of exquisite handmade papers and paper products made from handmade paper. Trendsetters and home of the exclusive range of handmade papers decorated with flower petals, wool, straw, grass, and many other organic materials. All our products are guaranteed eco-friendly, tree free, handcrafted, acid free, handmade papers and handmade paper products.

Best Source of Handmade Paper

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Under The Sun’s specialty is definitely handmade paper. We have all type of products to choose from in the handmade paper category alone. We are also one of the only paper companies to carry paper that you can actually plant and it will grow. Come check us out asnd be amazed by what we are doing to help the environment.

We are the best source on the web for finding the handmade paper that you need for your projects, home or office. We sell only the highest quality handmade paper made by us right here in the factory. All of our products are natural and eco-friendly so you know you is not only helping yourself, you are helping the environment as well.

As an organization, Under the Sun bargains in an unlimited scope of customary items and administrations from everywhere throughout the world. Our claim to fame is carefully assembled paper and paper items. We disseminate and offer the finest carefully assembled paper accessible in the business sector.

As a result of its intriguing and unadulterated look carefully assembled paper discovers applications in wedding welcomes, packs, stationery and craftsmanship/creates applications in schools and industry. Under The Sun can likewise help you in your visual communication and print requirements for your applications utilizing our product offering.

Under the sun store has endless and assortment exhibit of high quality paper, carefully assembled paper items and handcrafted paper wedding welcomes normally trigger your consideration. Different sorts of papers that are tastefully made are accessible in appealing shading mixes. Under the sun store carefully assembled papers present itself an important paper items produce firm.

We offer these jute papers in variety of hues, slice and examples to fulfill the requests of our customers. We have a wide range of assets that have helped us in serving the customers in the most productive way. We have a unit uncommonly intended for the creation of carefully assembled paper and its items. We additionally have distribution center for the protected stockpiling of items so that the mass necessity can be met opportune.

Our high quality paper is totally environment benevolent. We offer 100% eco-accommodating, wood free and corrosive free paper. Our Organization is known as an understood organization that delivers, supply, and exchange furthermore wholesales a mixed bag of Silk Handmade Document. For the differing necessities of our customers, this Handmade Document is top quality tried and inspected on different variables by the top quality work force.

At Under the Sun, you will find this is an exquisite present covering set in a blossom style with white foundation with multi-hued indistinct bloom style with bicycles and seeing stars. The present marks are round with strips and have blooms. It is dedicatedly included underway and giving the most alluring scope of Structure Set Paper. Enriching so they can enhance the magnificence of the thing, this is for the most part perceived for its eye-getting look, sparkly gleam, impeccable improve and fine wrap up. Carefully grew by utilizing prevalent evaluation calfskin and most developed innovation. For more information visit the site http://underthesunstore.com/ .

Best Decorative Paper


At Under the Sun, Our mission is to provide the largest and finest decorative paper to designers, artists and paper enthusiasts, while supporting the creative processes of the paper makers. We tend to work with and sell to small businesses and individuals. In our paper line, we like to favor those suppliers who have a commitment to supporting fair trade and environmental responsibility.

we offer a huge selection of unique decorative papers in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes. Many of the sheets are handmade and imported from countries all over the world. Whether you’re looking for best papers or you just want a unique and beautiful wrapping paper, we have what you need.

As a company, Under the Sun deals in a huge selection of traditional items and services from all over the world. Our specialized is hand crafted document and document items. We spread and sell the best hand crafted document available in the market. Because of its unique and genuine look hand crafted document discovers programs in wedding invites, bags, invites and art/craft programs in educational institutions and industry. Under The Sun can also assist you in your graphics and print needs for your programs using our production. We also carry handmade craft paper boxes for school children and A4 or letter size stationery handmade paper compatible with computer printers. Under The Sun has brought forth an unmatched range of marble papers that are sure to leave everyone amazed with their impulsive patterns of multiple exquisite colors. These are developed from eco friendly materials, these papers are fully biodegradable. We offer these marbleized papers in myriad of colors, designs and sizes to meet with your requirements.

We are one of the earliest specialized decorative paper manufacturers. Our Company holds expertise in meeting the demands of exclusively designed and designer Decorative Paper products. These papers are available in a wide range of finishes in terms of colors, shapes, embellishments. We can deliver these in specifications as demanded by the clients. Further, the use of paper products also shows one’s commitment towards the environment.

It is perfect for bookbinding, framing and other fine crafts. Our paper is a perfect synonym to style and elegance. Under The Sun offers exclusive and outstanding quality of Under the Sun Decorative Paper which is available in vibrant color combinations. Our marked decorative paper is longer in quality and is highly demanded by the global market.

Our decorative papers can be availed by clients in variety of shades, texture, sizes and patterns as per the requirement of the clients. Our products are known for good formation, smoothness and dimensional stability and enable our clients in achieving optimal print-ability. It is also used for several crafting projects. Decorative Papers are used in banners, signage, & labels and are known for fade resistance & strong base paper. Our team of skilled professionals works in close coordination to meet the bulk requirements of our patrons. We also provide modified solutions to our clients and offer the range at affordable prices. For more information visit the site http://www.underthesunstore.com/

High quality Handmade Paper

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High quality Handmade Paper is eco inviting, as well as known for its restrictiveness, effortlessness and style variable. A considerable measure of presents is made utilizing handmade record other than a few workmanship items. Bring satchels are additionally being delivered utilizing this report. Everywhere throughout the world, the utilization of hand created report is developing at an astonishing speed according to research assembled in this industry.

Various Handmade and Decorative Papers

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Under The Sun Store is providing various handmade papers and decorative paper to many reputed big stores in foreign countries in best Quality and competitive prices. We have vast experience of ten years in this trade and also have highly professional designers for above products and also produce Items as per buyer specific requirements. We are offering our clients, handmade paper bags which are made of Kraft paper, art paper, handmade paper or any other material as per the client’s needs.

These handmade paper bags are used for various purposes like handmade paper, art paper, decorative paper, wedding paper, handmade paper wedding invitations, silk paper, floral paper, scrapbook paper, leather paper. Handmade paper is utilized for making of composing paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes, paper to paint on making of paper items. Handcrafted paper and its alluring items are getting to be famous on the planet advertise because of their eco-accommodating trait, imaginative advance and sturdiness. As carefully assembled paper is made completely from reusing of waste materials, its uses helps in sparing trees and this adds to healthier environment.

Under the sun store is a reused carefully assembled paper and paper items unit and takes after the belief system of “waste to riches” and coordinates this in every procedure, item and practice. It Handmade Paper has extensive variety of handcrafted paper which incorporates blessing wrapping Artful papers, Decorative Paper, Silk Paper, Floral Paper, Leather Paper, Wedding Paper weaving paper, sewed paper, embellished papers, printed papers, batik papers and blessing wrapping papers, rolls thus numerous mixtures.

The paper making process one ton of handmade paper, made from immaculate cotton cloth spend and others. Carefully assembled archive, as the name demonstrates is made by arms utilizing a mold, which is a structure ensured with a smooth, firm show or flexible presentation. The mold is secured by a smooth structure which shops the keep running off of wet mash. The wet mat of materials staying in the new piece is then dry against bedding & may be hot pushed, cool pushed, or air dry. High quality papers quality lies in our polished methodology velocity of work, item quality and client arranged estimating which will most likely not be not as much as an astonishment to you. His group of fashioners in co-appointment with one of a kind shows on paper. Which is helpful as well as flexible adding a class to the tastes of its purchasers? Accordingly making a triumphant circumstance among his customers and his specialists.

His picked workers include perfect styles and imagine, programming experts, intense showcasing group, and dedicated representatives. Having an inventive bended of psyche, we simply know the genuine business sector determinations and in this way tops off shades to his objectives and get them saw on these carefully assembled papers. His target to turn into a quality inspired gamer in universally handmade report and items business. Under The Sun paper is especially exceptional. It is not just made of reused and waste materials it is created by the cautious hands of profoundly talented villagers, the vast majority of whom were ruined ladies. It makes occupations and earnings while sparing nature. For more information visit the site http://underthesunstore.com/ .